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Terms of Use

1. About this Agreement

- 1.1
This terms and conditions agreement ("Agreement"), is made between SONIC OPTION ("Company"), and the user of our services ("Customer").

- 1.2
This Agreement and the terms of use along with the associated risks.

- 1.3
Upon member registration at Website by Customer, the Customer confirms that they agree to 1. Agreement, and 2. Privacy Policy along with their terms and conditions in addition to all restrictions. In the event that the Customer does not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, the Customer shall cease all access to and may not use Website and its services.

- 1.4
The rights and responsibilities of Company, as described in this Agreement, shall take into effect and be valid, with or without the consent of Customer.

- 1.5
In the event that some terms and conditions of this Agreement have no legal validity depending on the laws and regulations, and in the event that those terms and conditions are not enforceable, the remaining and all other terms and conditions, after modifications and interpreted as binding, shall be valid and binding between Company and Customer.

2. Proper Use

- 2.1
Individuals under the age of 20 ("Minor"), even if they meet other conditions, are prohibited from using Company's Website and services.

- 2.2
Company's services, accessed our company, are related to financial trading that poses merits and risks, therefore we recommend that the Customer agrees to fully comprehend these merits and risks while having essential knowledge and experience with financial trading instruments. Inexperienced traders may use our services, but the Customer confirms that they understand all risks involved with binary options trading before commencing transactions.

- 2.3
Any investment or financial decision based on our contents, or any other transactional decision remains the Customer's sole responsibility.

- 2.4
Company is not reponsible for confirming that Customer fully understands or has adequate knowledge to proceed with trading. As well, Company shall not be held liable for any transaction or trade that happens by using Company's services resulting in loss or damage to Customer.

- 2.5
If Customer is not qualified to use Company's Website or services, the Customer shall cease all access and use immediately. Shall the user be unqualified or a minor, Company is not responsible for anything related to the use of Website and services.

3.Legal Restrictions

- 3.1
Depending on the jurisdiction, the clear legality of binary option trading varies, and therefore for any activity that the Customer conducts that violates the laws and regulations in their territory, Company shall bear no responsibility. The Customer confirms that the legality of financial trading varies from country to country, and the use of Website and services in the Customer's jurisdiction, whether or not it is in accordance with laws, restrictions, and regulations, remains the Customer's sole responsibility. Regarding the Customer's country of residence, whether or not the access of Website and services is prohibited, and illegality of any use, Company will not be held responsible for notifying the Customer, nor will Company guarantee the access to Website and services, and use of Website and services shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

- 3.2
Customer declares that any funds deposited into any Website account shall not be for the purpose of conducting illegal activities such as narcotics smuggling, kidnapping, and any other illegal activities.

- 3.3
The Customer is responsible for any taxes, fees, or other costs associated with or occured from the use of Company's Website.

- 3.4
The user may not use Company's Website and services for trading in territories where it is not legally permitted. Shall Company discover the illegal use of Website and services on the user's part, Company has the right to stop the provision of services, forcefully delete registration information, and contact the related authorities in regards to such illegal use.

4.Registration Requirements and Information Management

- 4.1
Upon successful registration of a personal member account, the ID and password associated with that account becomes the Customer's responsibility to safely manage and protect.

- 4.2
Company shall not bear reponsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the illegal or improper use of the account on the Customer's part.

- 4.3
The Customer agrees and declares that all personal information provided to Website and Company are current, accurate, and true. All personal information will be verified with identification documents to be provided to Company and Website, and therefore the use of nicknames or fake names is not encouraged. There is no penalty for personal information that cannot be verified, but Company has the right to, without notification, stop the services related to the deposit and withdrawal procedures.

- 4.4
Regardless of the Customer's associated organizations or related groups, the Customer agrees to not produce fake identification documents provided to Company for the purpose of hiding identity.

- 4.5
The Customer may not use Company's Website and services acting on behalf of another individual.

- 4.6
The Customer shall keep their personal ID and password in strict security, and may not share or allow another individual use such ID and password. All transactions and trades occured under the Customer's personal account will be the responsibility of the Customer. As well, all transactions and trades occured under the correct input of the Customer's personal ID and password represent the actual and valid transactions and trades of the Customer.

- 4.7
Any changes or modifications to personal information must be notified to Company, and shall be the Customer's responsibility.

- 4.8
All personal information provided to Company upon account registration are kept and managed strictly by Company, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

5. Grant and Limits of License

- 5.1
For the use of personal account for all services at Company, the grant of license ("License") shall be non-exclusive and non-transferable.

- 5.2
The License will comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- 5.3
The Customer is responsible for all use that is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- 5.4
The Customer agrees that any content and information obtained from Website shall only be used towards trading inside Website.

- 5.5
The Customer may not, without the consent of Company, share or sell the License, account, or Website contents to another individual, may not provide access to another individual, and may not reproduce Website contents.

- 5.6
The Customer may not use information obtained from our company for the purpose of unlawful, illegal, and damaging activities, including the invasion of privacy of another Customer such as intimidation, embarrassment, harassment, hatred, and obscene activities.

- 5.7
Based on our judgement, we reserve the right to block or cancel accounts related to inactive use of the email address, and when there is improper use of the account or where the Customer does not abide by the terms and conditions or guidelines of this Agreement, or misuse of the trading platform, and in such cases it renders the license invalid. The Customer agrees that we will stop access to the Website and services immediately, without notice, along with the blocking of access to information and contents, and may delete information and contents.

6. Financial Information

- 6.1
Company uses various services and sources, either developed internally or through agents, vendors, and middle partners, for the purpose providing you with the financial data you require to make trades. This includes all data, news, analyses, reports, and graphs, herein referred to as "Financial Information". Financial Data provided on Website is not made to make you decide on your trades, but rather as a convenient tool to help you access Website's services. Company will not guarantee the accuracy, correctness, completeness, and consistency of Financial Information provided by Company or third parties.

- 6.2
Financial Information varies and changes according to the market and economic conditions, resulting in rapid variations and changes. Financial information provided by Company or a third party, along with its updates and the advice obtained from Financial Information, shall not be the responsibility of Company. Without notice, we may discontinue access to Financial Information and will not bare responsibility with the resulting discontinuation of provision of Financial Information.

- 6.3
The Customer is solely responsible for the use and reliabitily of Financial Information provided by Company and Company is free of liabilities resulting from such use and reliability for the purpose of conducting trades by Customer. Company will not be responsible for any complaints regarding damages or losses incurred during transactions and trades as a result of the Financial Information obtained on Website.

7. Links

- 7.1
Company provides links supplied by third parties or links from managed sites. The links on Website are provided by link owners and third party providers, and Company does not offer any guarantee or warranty the official status of links on Website. Data in links are received via Internet from other site sources, and the Customer agrees to and understands the potential risks that may occur when conducting transactions on Website.

- 7.2
Company is not responsible for losses or damages resulting from the use of links that lead to contents and information, as such links are for the purpose of providing Website services to Customer.

8. Bonuses

- 8.1
As a part of Company's services, there are instances where Company will provide a welcome bonus a first time deposit. The terms and conditions of the bonus may change without notification, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- 8.2
Before the bonus is successfully withdrawn, the bonus shall remain as Company's property.

- 8.3
If Conditions have not been met even only one , you can not withdraw. Shall all Conditions be met, the Customer may withdraw.

- 8.4
In order to withdraw , your total trading volume must be 15 times or greater than the sum of the bonus amount. The terms of other campaign may differ in comparison.

- 8.5
If the Customer's account balance includes both deposit amounts and bonus amounts, the deposit amounts will first be consumed towards trading and withdrawal.

- 8.6
Profits earned from trading with deposit amounts will be reflected in the total deposit account balance, while profits earned from trading with bonus amounts will be reflected in the bonus account balance.

- 8.7
Conditions are only met and counted when real deposit amounts are used towards trading.

- 8.8
If you do not have a deposit balance in your account, the bonus balance will be subtracted from your account three months after the last deal. All the remaining withdrawal conditions are cleared at the same time.。

- 8.9
As a special case ,if conditions have not been met and Customer wishes to withdraw, the profits earned from the last deposit amount plus the bonus amount will become invalid.

- 8.10
If Conditions have not been met and Customer trades with amounts in the bonus account during withdrawal, the amounting difference will be replaced by the same amount from the deposit account.

- 8.11
If you wish to reject a bonus, after making your deposit and before you make your first trade, please kindly contact and notify our customer support.

- 8.12
Confirming and agreeing to the Bonus Conditions remain the Customer's responsibility. The terms and conditions of bonuses vary, and understanding and confirming the terms and conditions of each bonus shall remain the Customer's responsibility.

9. Anti-Money Laundering

- 9.1
Company strictly forbids the use of Website and services for the purpose of money laundering. Company employs extremely strict and valid anti-money laundering policies.

- 9.2
Company has the right to deny, stop, or cancel transactions shall the Customer's actions violate our anti-money laundering policies. Company has the following policies in place:

- The Customer must provide the necessary information upon request by Company.
- For all profits from trading, Company follows proper procedures to forward the amount to the correct Customer with the correct account.
- For wire transfers, Company will only pay the amount to the holder of the bank account which is the same as the Customer's Website account details.
- For wire transfers, it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that their bank account number and name match exactly with the name in registered account at Website.
- Based on Company's discretion, we will require a copy of the passport of the Customer or other official identification documents or a letter of acceptance proving
the identity of Customer along with other documentation that may be required to confirm the identity of Customer. If all required documents have not been received, trading activity with the account will be stopped.
- The condition for withdrawing is for preventing money laundering.

10. Stoppage of Trading

- 10.1
While using Company's Website and services, the Customer may not conduct the following acts. Shall Company, at Company's discretion and judgement, deem that the Customer's actions include one of the following, Company has the right to issue denial of service, stoppage of trading, denial of payment of profits, account freezing, and forced membership cancellation to the Customer. In the case of forced membership cancellation, only the deposited amount (if balance is less than the deposited amount, the withdrawable amount) will be returned to the Customer, but all trade results and bonuses will become invalid.

- Acts that are in violation of laws and regulations of international law, constitutional laws, ordinances, regulations, or other actions suspected to be in violation.
- Acts that violate the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
- Excess or extreme complaints.
- Acts that violate Company or third parties' copyright or trademark, or acts that violate any rights of Company and third parties.
- Using tools and programs without Company's permission, outside of the API.
- The act of using another individual's real or fictional ID and password.
- Possession of multiple accounts (including family).
- The act of trading in an organized (group) manner.
- Re-registering account after membership cancellation without Company's permission.
- Excess transaction cancellations.
- Conducting abnormal trading through the use of automated tools.
- Using Website and services for the purpose of obtaining bonuses instead of for the purpose of investing.
- Intruding or attempting to intrude into Company's security systems including, but not limited to, the employment of robots or other machines or tools.
- Acts that have been discovered to be malicious in intent to cause Company's financial, legal, and monetary problems.
- Other acts prohibited as outlined in this Agreement.
- Other acts that Company decides to be violating in nature.
- If the name of customer and name of credit card holder is different, company has the right to restrict the corresponding transaction and refund it back to the account holder.

- 10.2
Shall any extreme trading patterns occur or access centralized, the Customer account will be frozen and usage of services will be stopped.

- 10.3
If the name of customer and name of credit card holder is different, company has the right to restrict the corresponding transaction and refund it back to the account holder.

11. Limited Liability

- 11.1
Company is not responsible for any error, delay, or interference of services related to access to Website through improper access means (maliscious and interfering in nature). In addition, Company is free of liability from any technical trouble arising from Internet connection, phone line or Internet network, computer online systems, servers or providers, hardware, and software.

- 11.2
Company is not responsible for any loss or damage occurred from using contents obtained from Website and services, whether online or offline.

- 11.3
Customer is responsible for all computers, communication networks, Internet access, and maintenance involved when accessing Website and services. Website's performance depends greatly and effectively on the Customer's communications environment and Internet connection. Any loss or damage incurred by using Customer's Internet and communications network remains the Customer's sole responsibility.

- 11.4
Company is not responsible, directly, indirectly, or accidentally, for any loss or damage occured when using Website's contents and information for the purpose of making financial decisions, and the Customer relieves teh Company, its directors and managers and employees, and other representatives of any responsibility.

- 11.5
For trades and transactions that are above the limits of the laws of the Customer's country of residence, the Customer is responsible for the amounts being deposited into account and for amounts that are paid to Customer.

12. Intellectual Property

- 12.1
All contents, symbols, trademarks, logos, icons, etc. of Company and its affiliates and third party partners will remain protected under related policies and international regulations. The Customer agrees that all materials downloaded or printed from Website remain the intellectual property of the owners.

- 12.2
Not limited to the terms in this Agreement, the Customer has no license or right over the intellectual property of Website or contents on Website.

- 12.3
All images displayed on Website are the property of Company, and Company has the proper rights for their use. Without permission or permission granted in writing, the Customer acknowledges that it is prohibited to upload, copy, post, or distribute information, software, or other contents from Website (same as publication rights and privacy rights).

13. Indemnification

- 13.1
The Customer or third party using Company's Website is responsible for due payments and complete payments to Company.

- 13.2
In the event that the Customer violates any terms and conditions written in this Agreement during the use of Website and access to its services, the Customer agrees to not hold Company and its managers, directors, employees, agencies, and third parties liable for any damages or losses, including legal fees.

14. Agreement Duration and Agreement Cancellation

- 14.1
The terms and conditions of this Agreement have no expiry. Company has the right to, while informing Customer, end this Agreement with Customer at any time.

- 14.2
In the event of Agreement cancellation, the Customer's account activity will be stopped and no trades will be available.

15. Risk Disclosure

- 15.1
The Customer agrees that all use of Website remains the sole risk and responsibility of the Customer.

- 15.2
The use of Website and services may result in the loss of all invested money, and therefore will require use by an experienced trader with expertise in financial markets and understanding of all risks associated with financial products.

- 15.3
As it is possible that the Customer may lose all invested amounts, please ensure that you invest amounts that do not pose financial dangers for you. Please understand and agree to the risks involved with the use of our binary options Website and services.


- 16.1
Bank wire transfer will be used as the method to forward you the withdrawal. *A bank account with a SWIFT code is required.

- 16.2
For each withdrawal, the withdrawable amount is between 10,000JPY and 500,000JPY. Any withdrawal over 500,000JPY will be separated into multiple withdrawals.

- 16.3
In order for our accounting department to pay the Customer, certain identification documents must be provided by the Customer.

- 16.4
A fee of 3,000JPY will be charged for the withdrawal transaction fee.

- 16.5
The withdrawal application procedure requires a minimum of 5 business days. Shall the process go smoothly, the amount will appear in the Customer's bank account in 7 to 9 business days.

- 16.6
After being met Conditions , you can request the withdrawal.

- 16.7
Any fees such as lifting charges on the side of the Customer's bank shall be the Customer's responsibility.

17. Governing Law

- 17.1
The construction, validity, and enforment of this Agreement is in accordance with the laws and regulations of the British Virgin Islands. All lawsuits will legal proceedings will take place in this terrritory, rendering the laws and regulations of other territories invalid.

- 17.2
Company is not responsible for force majeure issues and acts of legal action taken by governmental authorities.

- 17.3
Any waiver of rights by Company shall not be, or interpreted as, in violation of the terms and conditions in this Agreement.

18. Modifications to Terms and Conditions

- 18.1
Without notification to the Customer, changes and modifications to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall take place, and shall be the Customer's responsibility to confirm the changed and modified terms and conditions. Any changes or modifications shall take effect immediately upon publication on Website.

Shall the Customer not agree to the changed or modified terms and conditions, the Customer is to stop using Company's Website and services immediately, and shall notify Company in writing.