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We are an overseas operator for binary options trading.

What is binary options?

A simple way of investing by choosing "High" or "Low".
If you predict the value with go up, pick "High". If you predict the value will go down, pick "Low".

What is the current binary options market?

For traders with little experience, binary options offers the simplest way to invest. Currently, binary options is becoming prominent in Europe and Asia, and will soon spread to the rest of the world as an investment tool.

How do I trade with binary options?

With just 2 choices of Up or Down, binary options is a simple investment method with high returns compared to other investments. Using candelsticks, economic indicators, and other tools, you can increase the precision of your trade and in the process obtain more and more profits. This way, you can increase your success rate of over 50%, making it easier for your profits to realize. Even with lower success rates, there are ways to help you guarantee trading profits. At SONIC OPTION, we can provide traders with advice that helps increase your trading success. Regarding trading methods and trading in general, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

What is a candlestick?

Just like what the word sounds like, a candlestick is a measurement for you to quickly see which direction your trade is heading. At SONIC OPTION, we provide you with 3 candlesticks: "1-Minute", "5-Minute", and "10-Minute".

* Please click  here to learn more about this.

What are economic indicators?

Economic indicators are economic numbers officially published by each country's authorities, and serve as important tools in helping you make your trades. Because there are usually big movements in trade volumes right after official announcements of economic data, it is possible for you to make large profits from trading binaries by making use of economic indicators.

At SONIC OPTION, we make every effort to providing you with the latest information and data to make you successful in trading binary options. Take advantage of all of our tools and start making money.

Open Account

What is the cost of account?

For accounts that have not traded for 6 months, a monthly account maintenance fee of 1000 JPY will be deducted from the balance only if the balance is held.

Is it necessary to provide proof of identity when registering?

You may use our services without ID documents, but during withdrawals, we will require your proof of identity.
* Please kindly understand that we may require you to provide proof of identity during the use of our services.

The confirmation email has not reached my inbox. What is wrong?

It is possible that our message has gone directly into your junk email inbox. Please kindly check your email filter settings to ensure that our emails reach your primary inbox.

How can I change my registration information at a later time?

After log in, go to My Account, and you can change your information there.

Can I access SONIC OPTION on my smartphone?

We do not have iOS or Android apps yet, so please kindly enjoy your trading experience via this Website.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can change/edit your password here.

I have forgotten the email address I used during registration. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Support to proceed.

How to Trade

What are the procedures before I can make a trade?

The flow is like this: 1. Open Account, 2. Deposit Money, 3. Trade.

  • 1. Setting up your account is free of cost and proof of ID is not required. Click here to set up your account.
  • 2. After setting up your account, please deposit an amount to enable your first trade. Click here to deposit.
  • 3. After confirmation of your deposit, you may begin trading binaries. Click here to begin.

How do I trade?

Trading is very simple and stress-free.

  • 1. Choose the type of trade.
  • 2. Choose your exchange rate pairing (we offer you 7 pairings).
  • 3. Choose your trade time frame.
  • 4. Input the amount for this trade.
  • 5. Predict "High" or "Low".
  • 6. Click on purchase to execute the trade.

What is the time difference between placing a trade and the result?

For HIGH-LOW trades, 15 minutes is required for placing the trade, and 15 minutes for the result.
In total, 30 minutes per trade. You may begin a new trade 5 minutes after the previous trade.

* For HIGH-LOW trading, the new trade is held every 15 minutes.
* For 1-Minute trading, the moment you place a trade is the moment the trade will happen.

For the SHORT and RANGE trading options, is it only 30 seconds?

There are 30seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds trading timeframes.
Based on your needs, choose your preferred time frame to make the most profit.

What are the exchange rate pairings?

We offer the following 7 pairings:


What is SONIC OPTION's hours of operation?

We are closed from Saturday 4:00 to Monday 8:00.

My Money

How do I make a withdrawal?

You can withdraw by going to Menu, then Withdrawals. Or click here to withdraw.

What are the campaigns?

Based on your initial deposit, you can receive up to a bonus that is 60% of your deposit.
For details, click here to find out more.

When can I make a deposit or withdrawal?

We receive your requests 24 hours a day.

What is the maximum deposit/withdrawal amount at any given time?

The maximum deposit amount is \100,000 for each transaction.
The maximum withdrawal amount is \500,000 for each transaction.
* Shall your deposit or withdrawal amount be greater than the maximum amount,
please separate those amounts into multiple transactions.

My deposit does not go through. What is happening?

After you receive a payment confirmation, your deposit was successful. However, there could be small time lags from time to time. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 hour, please contact our Customer Support.

I have made my deposit, but the bonus amount does not appear. What is going on?

After a successful deposit, the bonus amount will be added on. Please kindly wait a moment for that to take effect.
Please allow us to handle the bonus calculations on our end, but shall you encounter any issues,
kindly contact our Customer Support.

During campaigns, is it possible to deposit more than \100,000?

The maximum amount for each deposit is \100,000.
If your deposit is over \100,000, please separate your deposit into multiple transactions.
Rest assured that even if your deposits are separated, we will correctly calculate the bonus that you will receive.
If you have any inquiry about separating your deposit or about the bonus, please kindly contact our Customer Support.

Can I use the bonus?

Yes, you can use any bonuses.
The Bonus Conditions must have been met if you wish to withdraw your bonus balance.

What are the withdrawal requirements for the bonuses?

In order to withdraw the bonus, your trading volume must be 15 times or greater than the sum of the bonus amount and first time deposit amount. The terms of other campaign bonuses may differ in comparison with the first time deposit welcome bonus.

Are debit cards permitted?

Debit cards with the Visa or Master Card logo are permitted. * There is some case that it can't use by issuer code.

My credit card payment did not go through. What is wrong?

When paying via credit card, please ensure you did not do the following.

  • 1. I inputted a comma in my deposit amount.
  • 2. I inputted a hyphen in my name or card number.
  • 3. I inputted my name incorrectly or in the incorrect order.
  • 4. I didnt input single-byte symbol between First name and Last name.
  • 5. I have inputted the wrong date of expiry.
  • 6. I inputted the wrong CVV.

* Any trouble you may have, please kindly contact our Customer Support.

What are the required documents when making withdrawals?

You will require proof of identity and a SWIFT code. We will contact you directly after receiving your withdrawal request.
We are here to help you, so please feel safe and secure when requesting a withdrawal.

How long does it take to make a withdrawal?

It could take up to 5 business days to complete all procedures for your withdrawal.
However, it is also possible that all procedures can be completed under the standard 5 business day period.

What are fees associated with withdrawing?

At the moment, we are offering a no-fee withdrawal campaign
(Withdrawal except Bonus Conditions which have not been met).
When the wire transfer has reached the bank account on your side, you will be responsible for the lifting charge or any other fees that your bank may impose. For any fees or costs on your side, please consult your banking institution. on your side, please consult your banking institution.


For other questions not mentioned in the Help/FAQs

Please contact our Customer Support for any other inquiries. We will be glad to assist you,
so please do not hesitate to contact us.

For all questions related to payouts, please reach us at: