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Privacy Policy

SONIC OPTION ("Company"), for the user of our services ("Customer"), treats information identifying a specific individual and information regarding the living individual ("Personal Information") very seriously, and therefore takes high security measures when collecting, using, and securing Personal Information, as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Our first priority is to protect the Customer's privacy including the collection, use, and protection of all user information related to the use of the Website, and therefore the activities that can be done by Sonic are strictly defined. By using this Website and its associated pages, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

1. Secure Management of Personal Information

The use of Personal Information is required for the operation of our services for the purpose of preventing invalid access, maintaining information accuracy, and ensuring the use of correct information. All Personal Information obtained online, whether physical or in digital form, will be managed with strict security measures.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

With the purpose well defined as well as notification to the Customer, along with other necessary measures to meet that required security level, Sonic employs the appropriate methods when acquiring Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Personal Information obtained from or provided by the Customer. The Customer can request financial transactions history, withdrawal requests, data, and other information.

Personal Information acquired at Website includes information provided by the individual or a third party in charge of a group or organization, and will include name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, banking details, credit card number, and other items.
With all Personal Information being collected at Website, the Customer may access their account under "My Account" and may update their Personal Information at any time. The Customer agrees that, according to certain laws and regulations, they may not have the right to alter or change certain items under the Account.

Data collected at Website's server logs include IP address, browser language, and date and time information, and will be used for the purpose of blocking access for certain Customers. One or more cookies will be employed for the purpose of maintaining browsing history in order to provide services and promotions that are customized for the Customer along with ease of use, through standard or non-standard Internet tools such as Web beacons or monitoring software.

3. Use of Personal Information

The collected Personal Information will be for the purpose of the following:
- Provision of services to Customer along with the measures for secure trading.
- Notifications and information sent via email address.
- Gathering of statistical data that does not identify or disclose the individual Customer.
- Identification (ID) documents.
- Prevention of incorrect use of credit card.
- Prevention of international money laundering activities.
- Payments or refunds.
*The Customer has the right to withhold certain information to be provided to Website,
but doing so will lead to the inability to use certain parts of our services at Website.

4. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Unless given consent by the Customer or required by law, or because of the following circumstances, Sonic does not provide the Customer's Personal Information to third parties.
- Requests by law and authorities to disclose information.
- Requests by the Customer to disclose information.
- Statistical anaylsis (in this case the individual Customer is not identified).
- Confirmation of credit card and banking information with credit companies and banking institutions during deposits.
- Information that is readily availble to the general public.
- Information that has been know to us before being provided by the Customer.
- Information that, after being provided to us, has been provided to the general public.
- Information that was provided to us by a third party.
- Information or data that we developed independently without provision by the Customer.
- Disclosure of Information for the protection of Sonic's rights.

5. Personal Inquiry

Procedures relating to personal account inquiries, editing, or deleting of account information will be carried out based on the correct identification of the Customer.

6. Contact by Sonic

Based on the Customer's request, the Customer may unsubscribe from promotional emails and notifications. As well, the Customer may delete cookies under the Customer's browser settings.

7. Modifications to Privacy Policy

All modifications and additions to this Privacy Policy will be made available on Website, and any new modifications or changes will remain valid and binding. As the Customer will not be notified, it remains the Customer's responsibility to view the most updated Privacy Policy.
Any changes or modifications to Privacy Policy will take valid effect on the date of publication. If the Customer does not agree to the terms and conditions of Privacy Policy, please terminate the use of our Website and services and notify us in writing.